What’s the Code in Code for Asheville?

I initially wrote this essay on my personal blog and it was then republished on the Code for America blog. Musing on the word "code" gave me an opportunity to express how I see the potential of Code for America brigades. I'd like to share it with you, especially since...

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Making Transportation Access Easier

I want to share the following report from Code for Asheville member Tracy Schmidt on the Transportation for Seniors Hackathon on January 13. Special thanks to the other Code for Asheville members who showed up so strong: Eric Jackson, Jesse Michel, Sabrah n'haRaven,...

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The Year Ahead at Code for Asheville

We had a pretty amazing year in 2017  - we showed up and we mattered, and that is something to celebrate. We will do no less in 2018. Our hope, though, is to do much more by making it much easier for you both to contribute to the work and to participate in the...

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